Music Teacher

Vocal instruction and Coaching, Music Theory tutoring

In-Home Private Music Instruction

I am happy to offer private vocal instruction and coaching to highly motivated students in the southern New Jersey area. My many years of singing, stage directing, and music theory study give me the ability to cover many bases in one lesson.

I believe in teaching healthy and efficient vocal production, in a positive and constructive environment. I’m not going to teach a child to sing anything that could cause them vocal damage, and I’m going to give them the tools they need to sing in whatever style they choose.

When your child wants to audition for the high school musical or for the All-South Jersey/All-State choirs, give them an important leg up on their competition with private lessons taught in your home. You don’t have to bring them to me. I will come to you!

College Prep Music Theory

What is Music Theory? Think of it like music engineering. It’s a vitally important part of any good performer’s education, and it’s critically important for composers. Understanding how one sound at a given pitch relates to the sounds around it, and understanding what role in tonality that a certain note plays, is just the beginning of Music Theory. Training to be a musical performer without learning theory is like someone training to be a surgeon without taking any anatomy courses.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Music with a specialization in Music Theory from Stephen F. Austin State University. I would be very happy to help blossoming musicians improve both their learning process and their performances through a better understanding of Music Theory.