How does this all work?

Once your invoice has been provided and paid online, you will be sent a server access link where the document(s) may be uploaded.  Once proofreading has been performed, a sub-folder within your server area will store the corrected versions, which you can download directly immediately.

How do I see the changes you made in my Microsoft Word document?

When I edit a document in MS Word, I use the Track Changes feature. Click on the tab named Review. In the section named “Track Changes,” there are drop-down menus that will enable you to show the different changes which were made.

How to I review and approve the changes you made?

For MS Word files (.doc and .docx) I use the Track Changes and the Comments features. You can find the Track Changes and Comments tools under the Review tab at the top of your menu. Use the tools there to Accept or Reject changes one by one, or all at one time.

Individual changes can be accessed by right-clicking on them. Right-clicking on a comment balloon also brings up a dialogue window with various options for you to reply to the comment, delete it, or mark it as done.

Different versions of Microsoft Office may access these functions differently.  Please refer to your specific version for help on how to review and track changes made to the document.

How can I find out how many words are in my MS Word document?

Under the Review tab there is a button called Word Count.  Click it.  Wasn’t that easy?

Is my copyrighted text safe?

Absolutely.  I make no claim to copyright, nor do I require you give me credit.  Your work is safe on my secure server, and no outside party will ever be able to access your work unless you give them the specific link and password to your server folder access.

Do you offer any free samples so I can see your work?

Yes. New customers only may request free proofing of up to 200 words of a single document at no charge. If your entire document is under 200 words, then I will give you a proof sample of half of it. This might go without saying, but in cases of small amounts of text like that, you should probably throw at least one purposeful typo in there!

What formats can you work with?

Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) is the preferred file method for text delivery. Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files can also be used, but will most likely be converted to a Rich Text Format and then into Microsoft Word for the purposes of editing and tracking changes. A plain text (.txt) file is also accepted, but will most likely be converted to a Word document for the purposes of editing and tracking changes.

How and when am I invoiced?

All invoices are sent electronically, and must be paid in full prior to the proofreading service beginning.  Invoices will be based on the word count of the document to be proofread.

Can I have proofreading done on just a section of my work?

Absolutely.  This helps spread out the cost over time, should that be a factor for you.  It can also help give you an idea of how much proofreading is necessary for your writing in general.

What if I’m not satisfied with the work performed?

Of course I want you to be happy with the service I have provided, and I place a high priority on a good customer service experience for all of my clients.  I want you to come back to me and refer me to others!  If you have any problem with my work, please contact me at and I will attend to your concerns promptly.