Thank you for your interest in hiring me to fulfill your narration, audiobook, or other voiceover needs.

I have a warm, rich vocal sonority. After 30 years of singing opera, I have a vocal instrument with versatility and wide dynamic range. My voice is excellent for narration, documentary, promo, commercial, and specific animation character types such as villains and paternal figures. My operatic and musical theatre background means not only can I provide you with a great voice, but I am proficient in several accents and languages, and I can also sing well in a variety of styles when needed.

I can be contacted directly by phone or email:


A variety of commercial and other narrations for various projects.

(Self Help)

“Better Living Through Selective Apathy” by M.C. Alexander


A sample from “The Problem with Mistletoe” by Kyle Baxter

Documentary (Narration)

A sample from “The Battle of the Atlantic”, a short documentary film.


A sample from “At the Edge of No Return” by DJ Adamson


A sample from “The Stainless Steel Rat” by Harry Harrison


A sample from “Music Won’t Pay the Bills” by Goldy, Jr.


A sample from “The Long Walk” by Stephen King

“I found Mike Chadwick via ACX referral. I had three choices/referrals and Mike was my preference based on his voice, flexibility, tone, and enthusiasm for the project. Mike was easy to work with and provided invaluable feedback during the narration process. My book has several dozen different characters reflecting a wide range of emotions in various chapters. Mike did a brilliant job of capturing each character and the tones from drama to comedy to adventure. We worked in tandem building the end product and posting to ACX for distribution. I’ve built an extensive launch for my book, including YouTube Videos, and interactive website, media launch, radio and TV promos, and outbound marketing for December 2013. I posted a visual audio sample of Mike’s read of the Preface chapter and have gotten great feedback on his voice/style. I highly recommend Mike.”

Author, Bob Mack Peak

The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille