My Dream Already Came True (Sort of)

In the past, when people had asked me what my dream voiceover job would be, without a moment of hesitation my answer would be “to do voice work for Disney.”  Well, recently I had that dream come true, if in a somewhat indirect way.

When the test screenings are being done for feature films, they’re also screening the music.  In the late fall, Walt Disney Studios is coming out with “Frozen” featuring songs written by Robert Lopez (Avenue Q, Book of Mormon, Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo the Musical).  I was fortunate enough to be asked by Mr. Lopez to help him record a demo for the song which was being proposed as the opening number to the film!  It’s incredibly catchy  and I will be tremendously surprised if they don’t use it.  Unfortunately, they’ll re-record it with studio musicians so I won’t actually be in the movie itself, but it was a lot of fun doing the “composer’s demo” recording!

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