La Cenerentola a Rousing Success

Last night was opening night for La Cenerentola (Cinderella) at Berks Opera Company in Reading, PA. I am so proud of my cast, crew, and creative team. We had a very truncated rehearsal period of two weeks to stage a rather complex work. The rehearsals were intense and after the first week people were pretty fried (including myself). But, spirits remained high and everyone continued to contribute their best throughout the process. It all came together beautifully, and I walked away from the stage after the final bow satisfied that the production is a very good one.

The Reading Eagle called our production a “Feast for eyes and ears” and said “Director Michael Chadwick has brought out every bit of comedy from this story, without ever overdoing it, and thanks to [his] insightful direction, the production contains physical comedy, dramatic moments and references to the inequality that Jacopo Ferretti targeted in his libretto, which promoted Enlightenment values and was politically subversive in 1817, when it was premiered in Rome.”

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