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Audiobook Narration: Keyport Cthulhu 2

I’m happy to report that my latest audiobook narration is ready for sale through Audible and Amazon. I enjoyed narrating the first book, and was thrilled when the author (Armand Rosamilia) asked me to narrate the sequel.

Here’s a link where you can here a sample and order you copy today! If you would like a promo code for a free copy, let me know!

Audiobook Narration: At the Edge of No Return

I’m happy to share that a book I have narrated for has gone on sale and is ready for you to hear. Check out At the Edge of No Return by D. J. Adamson. It’s a psychological thriller with a wide variety of characters. I enjoyed narrating this, and I hope you’ll enjoy the book as well.

Follow this link to purchase the audiobook:

I have a limited set of Promo Codes available to distribute free copies of the audiobook. If you’d like one, let me know and I will email one to you (first come, first served). I only ask that you write a review to help others possibly purchase the audiobook.

La Cenerentola a Rousing Success

Last night was opening night for La Cenerentola (Cinderella) at Berks Opera Company in Reading, PA. I am so proud of my cast, crew, and creative team. We had a very truncated rehearsal period of two weeks to stage a rather complex work. The rehearsals were intense and after the first week people were pretty fried (including myself). But, spirits remained high and everyone continued to contribute their best throughout the process. It all came together beautifully, and I walked away from the stage after the final bow satisfied that the production is a very good one.

The Reading Eagle called our production a “Feast for eyes and ears” and said “Director Michael Chadwick has brought out every bit of comedy from this story, without ever overdoing it, and thanks to [his] insightful direction, the production contains physical comedy, dramatic moments and references to the inequality that Jacopo Ferretti targeted in his libretto, which promoted Enlightenment values and was politically subversive in 1817, when it was premiered in Rome.”

I’ll be stage directing La Cenerentola this summer

I’m happy to announce that I have been asked to stage direct Rossini’s beloved opera La Cenerentola (Cinderella) this summer at Berks Opera in Reading, PA. I am thrilled to be working with such an excellent company of people and talented singers. The performances will be held at the Miller Center in Reading, PA on August 11th and August 13th. The cast will include:

  • Lauren Curnow as Angelina (Cenerentola)
  • Jarrod Miller as Prince Ramiro
  • Jackson Williams as Dandini
  • Andy Papas as Don Magnifico
  • Jeremy Gaylon as Alidoro
  • Julie Kremm as Clorinda
  • Tanisha Anderson as Tisbe

New Demos!

I’m happy to share that the audiobook demo and the narration demo have been completed and uploaded to both this site and my site. They include a general narration demo showcasing everything from documentary characters and corporate films to relaxation. There are also four demos for audiobooks in the styles of Science Fiction, Horror, Children’s, and Self-Help.

My Dream Already Came True (Sort of)

In the past, when people had asked me what my dream voiceover job would be, without a moment of hesitation my answer would be “to do voice work for Disney.”  Well, recently I had that dream come true, if in a somewhat indirect way.

When the test screenings are being done for feature films, they’re also screening the music.  In the late fall, Walt Disney Studios is coming out with “Frozen” featuring songs written by Robert Lopez (Avenue Q, Book of Mormon, Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo the Musical).  I was fortunate enough to be asked by Mr. Lopez to help him record a demo for the song which was being proposed as the opening number to the film!  It’s incredibly catchy  and I will be tremendously surprised if they don’t use it.  Unfortunately, they’ll re-record it with studio musicians so I won’t actually be in the movie itself, but it was a lot of fun doing the “composer’s demo” recording!

New Demo Coming Soon!

I’m looking forward to an updated demo being recorded later this month at Edge Studios in New York City.  I’ll be creating a new narration and a new audiobook demo, both of which will (of course) be posted to this site as soon as I have them.